The crocodile    by Shayla

A body crawled out of the murky, dark depths of the river. Drops of water danced and sparkled in the sunlight. The crocodile basked idly on a rock, soaking in the warm, inviting rays of the sun. Its piercing yellow eyes scanned the thick marshes. Suddenly, its eyes dilated as it saw its defenseless prey. It stealthily crept towards an innocent rabbit, but then it did not see a stick and it stepped on it with its powerful, muscular legs.  The rabbit snapped to attention and looked around. The crocodile stopped, still as a log. As soon the rabbit noticed evil, yellow eyes staring at it, it saved its own life and quickly darted away. The crocodile stomped in frustration and returned to the black depths of the river feeling famished and disappointed.

The Crocodile   by Jessica

The dangerous, sneaky crocodile slowly crawled out of the muddy, green river. He sleepily dozed on a big rock letting the sun soak into his rough, alligator-like skin. Suddenly he spots a tasty looking morsel with his rounded cat-eyes. He crept quietly and carefully towards the prey making sure that it did not escape. Just when the hungry crocodile was about to snap his jaws for a tasty meal the innocent prey dashed away into the weeds. He closed his powerful jaw as he stomped back with his head down and his tummy growling. The hungry, menacing crocodile went back into the murky water waiting for another defenseless prey to gobble up.

          The Crocodile   by  Julie

On a muddy, desolate river bank, a hungry, impatient crocodile bathed in the warm rays of the summer sun. The scaly, green, creepy crocodile waited for his next appetizing meal as his stomach growled loudly. He glided strongly and silently in the murky water, without even making a ripple. When he reached the other side of the river bank he laid as still as a log and waited for his next meal. The crocodile heard the trotting sound of a fast horse. He sneakily stood up on his muscular legs and ran towards it. ‘SNAP!’ His powerful jaws slammed shut. The frightened horse ran away defenselessly, dragging his injured back leg. The hungry crocodile moved back to the river, stomping angrily and his long tail lashing in disappointment. He waited impatiently for his next innocent victim.

The Fierce Crocodile by Christian

In the dark, damp, murky river lay a camouflaged, dangerous, fierce predator – the crocodile. Its powerful jaws were large enough to scare any prey. He moved slowly, stealthily and silently through the rough, spikey plants of the riverbank. Then he spotted his innocent prey. Once again he drooled. He crept ferociously, yet ever so slowly, waiting for the right moment to pounce. Luckily, his prey heard a crunch. It looked around and saw the fat, scary, ugly, gigantic crocodile with a long pointy snout preparing to pounce. The startled, frightened prey ran as fast as it could to get away from the furious, hungry crocodile. It ran so fast that it flew up into the air to escape, and the deadly, flexible predator crawled back into the murky river and tried to find his next meaty meal.

The story of the duck and the croc  by Tien

The crocodile was sitting in the dirty murky lake. It lay silently, waiting for its next victim. Its bone crushing bloodied muscular jaw always at the ready to crush and destroy anything in its path. Then, its big, green, googly eyes spotted a duck. It was wading in the mud of the giant marsh. It was fat and plump. Just the right delicious meal for this hungry appetite. So the crocodile slowly and stealthily lurked its way towards the duck, ready to pounce. The duck spotted movement and knew that he was going to die, but just not today. So it jumped courageously on to the back of the foul smelling beast. His skin was so spiky that it felt like the pain of a thousand white hot suns (and that hurts a lot!)  The angry, hungry crocodile tried to barrel roll and he did it so wildly. The duck ran and jumped into the air every time he rolled. So then the impatient crocodile tried to reach the delicious duck that was just waiting to be eaten, by opening his enormous jaw and lifting his muscular front legs, but he was now too weak. In the meantime, the duck thought “I can’t keep this up forever,” so the clever and smart duck pecked the crocodile in the eyes wildly. The crocodile fainted and the duck realised that he had just won this crazy battle.

MORAL OF THE STORYNever underestimate something so small against something so big. You never know what the outcome will be!




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