The Solar System

I have added the following YouTube videos for you to start thinking about our next topic for this term. I hope you enjoy watching and that the magnificent pictures will spark your curiosity to start thinking about what you would like to research further. Enjoy!


22 thoughts on “The Solar System

  1. Hi Mrs Francis,
    I love learning about the solar system!!!!!!I have a Year 7 book by Pearson to learn more about the solar system at home because my parents want me to.
    JULIE is awesome!!!!!!!!!=0 🙂

  2. I really like the second video. i wish i can live in space and go to every planet in the universe.
    I REALLY like that poem Mrs. Francis. 🙂

    • Thanks Jason for your comments. Space is pretty amazing isn’t it? Maybe someday you might get the opportunity of travelling, who knows?
      Glad you enjoyed the poem.

  3. Hey Mrs Francis, I am looking forward to learning about the Solar System! I also want to learn about my favourite planet Saturn!!

  4. Mrs Francis I am looking forward to learning about the solar system because when I was in Grade 3 I learnt a lot about our solar system.

  5. Hi Mrs Francis I’m really looking forward to learning about the solar system. I hope I learn a lot from it and have fun.

  6. I wish to learn about all the dwarf planets in the Solar system. I think this topic will be very interesting. I am very much looking forward to learn about our Solar system

  7. Mrs Francis I am looking forward to learning about the solar system and especially the planets even though I already know something about it.

  8. Learning about space is actually science you know, but some don’t think so.Some scientists are now trying to prove that a planet has water.I think it’s Mars.
    As my homework I wonder questions, then these are 1.”Why does the sun rise in the east and set in the west?
    2.How does gravity keep planets orbiting around the sun?
    I’m not sure if we’re learning about constellations but I have 2 ‘I wonder questions’
    1.How do stars form constellations?
    2.How do we use the Southern Cross to find the true south?
    Thanks,Julie out

    • Thanks Julie for your I wonder questions. I can see you have really been thinking about this topic. Perhaps when we start researching, someone else in the class may have some answers. Otherwise you might like to find out and share your knowledge with all of us.

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